Yoga courses

Most people learn yoga in group classes with between 6 and 20 people in the class. The fewer the people, the more attention you will receive from the instructor. To view the yoga courses that Sophia is teaching click the link below.

Here are the options normally available for learning yoga.

Private class

One-to-one sessions are the best way to make fast progress and really discover the practice of yoga. Sophia is fully trained and qualified in Ashtanga yoga - a method that works the body greater than other more peaceful methods.

If the price of a one-to-one class is higher than your budget, you could take a class with a friend and split the cost. Alternatively, take a group course or attend a regular yoga class. See below...

Yoga course

Taking a course is an effective way to learn yoga, both for your body and your budget! Yoga courses have a fixed number of classes that you pay for in advance. Because you pay for a number of classes, you are less likely to skip class and the price per session is lower. Sophia normally teaches 8 week yoga courses.

Yoga class

Yoga classes are normally run on an ongoing basis, sometimes in a community centre, gym or village hall. You may be able to find a class that you can attend when it suits you. You can attend every week but if you are too busy or have a prior engagement, you can skip the class. You only pay for the class when you attend. This is convenient but class sizes are not normally limited and can be as many as 20 people, so you won't get as much one-to-one guidance. You also need to be motivated in order to attend the classes each week!

Corporate yoga course

Large companies sometimes offer yoga courses in their company gymnasium. This can be a convenient way to attend classes and an hour of yoga in the morning is a great way to start your working day. Sophia may be able to arrange a class in your company - please contact her to explore the options.

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