Pilates in Oxford

Sophia is not currently teaching Pilates in Oxford. She will return in the future to teach group and individual courses. Please see the list below for other teachers in Oxford.

First, some advice... Awareness of Pilates continues to grow in the UK. There are many offshoots from the authentic form of Pilates and there is no regulation or licensing of the term Pilates. Some teachers don't have a great deal of training, so it is important to find out the history and qualifications achieved by your teacher. Look for teachers with at least 6 months formal training.

Pilates lessons have been taught since at least the early 1990's in Oxford. Today, there are a number of locations around the city including Summertown, East Oxford and in community halls.

Prices typically range from £8-15 per person in a group class and £25-40 for a private one-to-one session without equipment. For a lesson using Pilates equipment, expect to pay £50-60 per hour.

Where to learn Pilates in Oxford

  • Sophia Oh
    Sophia Oh - Sophia is not currently teaching in Oxford. She is teaching in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Oxford Pilates Studio‎
    Oxford Pilates Studio‎ - long established, this Summertown studio owned by Diana Sullivan is the original studio in Oxford to use equipment to teach the Authentic method of Pilates, created by Joseph Pilates himself. The equipment available includes the Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels, Wunda Chair and High Chair.
    Telephone: 01865 552555
  • Monica Franke
    Monica Franke - specialising in osteopathy and Pilates, this health practice aims to help people with pains and joint problems.
    Telephone: 07970 119721