Pilates in Kuala Lumpur

Pilates continues to grow in popularity around the world. It started catching on in Malaysia in the 2000's and now there are a number of options for either private Pilates lessons or group classes in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Pilates locations in KL

  • Sophia Oh
    Sophia Oh - Sophia is currently teaching yoga at Original Pilates in Goring, Oxfordshire (UK). Sophia teaches private one-to-one classes using Pilates machines at her studio 8 Pilates in Bangsar. Please Contact Sophia to discuss your needs. Sophia also teaches group courses for beginners in KL. Group classes are limited to either 4, 6 or 8 people. Contact Sophia to ask about Pilates in your condominium, workplace or local area. If you can arrange a small group of people, Sophia can come regularly to you.
  • Zenergy
    Zenergy - located in Damansara Heights, this studio uses Gratz pilates machines from New York.
    www.zenergy.com.my Telephone: 016 4487896
  • Body Logic Pilates
    Body Logic Pilates - Update: this studio has closed.
    This studio has two locations in KL - one in Great Eastern Mall (near Ampang) and one in Kenny Hills (Bukit Tunku). Both studios offer private lessons with machines.
  • Pilates Zentrum
    Pilates Zentrum - this studio is in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur and offers both Pilates with equipment and with mats.
  • Nubody
    Nubody - this studio is operated by Melissa Zecha and is located in Damansara. It is equipped with Pilates machines and also offers yoga classes.