Pilates in Reading

Pilates has only recently been 'discovered' in the UK. It was created in the USA by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's but was used almost solely by professional sports people and dancers until the 1970's. Pilates lessons have been available in Reading since the 1990's and today there are a number of teachers in Berkshire.

Qualifications vary enormously. Some teachers have only 2 days of formal training. Professional teachers normally train for 6 months and undergo annual training programs to maintain their qualification. The word "Pilates" is not controlled, so when you select your teacher you should ask what qualifications they hold and how long they have trained for.

Prices are usually around £10-15 per person for a group class and around £35-45 for a private one-to-one session (without machines).

Where to learn Pilates in Reading

  • Pilates of Berkshire
    Pilates of Berkshire - This is a Pilates studio in Reading that has machines including 2 reformers, trapeze table, combo chair, ladder barrel. The address is 13 Upavon Drive, Reading.
    Telephone: 0118 9589238
  • Pilates Train Me
    Pilates Train Me - This studio is also based in Reading and has machines including trapeze table, Wunda Chair, ladder barrel and spine corrector.
    Telephone: 0118 9664274
  • AC Fitness Training
    AC Fitness Training - This is a fitness service that offers Pilates mat classes and fitness training.
    Telephone: 07754 598627