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Pilates courses

If you would like to learn Pilates, the first choice to make is what sort of lessons would you like. There are 2 choices man choices: a private class or a group course.

Private class

You will get the most out of the system with a one-to-one coaching lesson. Most Pilates exercises are performed on mats and this is how most beginners learn Pilates. But there is also a range of Pilates machines which are used to stretch you. These machines are expensive and require a dedicated studio, therefore the cost of lessons with machines is higher.

The cost is normally between RM150 and RM250 per hour in Malaysia. In the UK, the cost is normally £25-45 or up to £60 with machines.

Group course

A great way to discover Pilates is through a group course. You may be able to book a series of lessons (e.g. 8 weeks) for a fixed price. Expect to pay between RM300 and RM400 in Malaysia for an 8 week course or (£100 and £250 in the UK). There are normally between 4 and 8 people in a group so for maximum individual training, choose a private individual class.

Sophia teaches both private sessions and courses. If you are in Kuala Lumpur here is a page with more options to learn Pilates in KL.

To talk to Sophia about booking a Pilates course please follow this link:

Where is Sophia?

Sophia is in Kuala Lumpur teaching Pilates and yoga.


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Sophia Oh

Sophia Oh

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