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Friday, 4 May 2007

Long live Pilates

Guess what? It's Pilates Day tomorrow! The event will be held in Florida, US mainly to bring awareness and exposure to this method of exercise that was once meant to be called 'Contrology'.

One of the featured programs is the 'Pilates in the Schools' which was developed to help combat their nationwide struggle of obesity among the children.

After watching this video clip of a big group of school kids doing Pilates and their interviews I'm so inspired that I'm now thinking ways to reach for the schools to start similar programs as mentioned above. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Pilates is a great exercise method for children and teenagers. It teaches them the correct way of moving their bodies and improves flexibility - extremely beneficial when they start getting involved in competitive sports.

I've noticed that some teenagers have very poor postures. When their hormones kick in they do not know how to handle the sudden changes in their emotions and physique. They either ignore or become overly conscious about it. If they learn Pilates, they need to be focussed and disciplined in order to execute the exercises which place great emphasise on precision and flow. But most importantly, it's fun and gratifying when they get the moves right. All these factors help them to deal with their bodies in a positive manner which will benefit them both mentally and physically.

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